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Participating in The Weird Show, an art platform dedicated to the showcase and exploration of contemporary collage.


The last attempt to conquer Moldavia by Louie Lopez
19x28cms.  Collage on paper 
(2016) Barcelona

Weird Gymnastics

Since 2010, the art platform The Weird Show (TWS), has been exploring collage beyond its qualities as style. An approach to make things and a way of practice through exhibitions, workshops and publications. 

Personally, every invitation, has given me an opportunity to go AFK and expand the possibilities of physical properties and manual limitations; question design basics from concepts to materialization. 

Physical collage is the lack of reverse tools -and undos-, fixed dimensions and no rescale, irregular navigation over composition, build over the unexpected, material properties... always a valuable practice to approach other projects with a non-digital mindset (if such thing is even nowadays possible). Like going back to gymnastics.

Muchas gracias, Max and Rubén.

“TWS is not about collage. We stress the importance of always searching for new ways of approaching art and seek to expand the boundaries of this practice (...) We just love mistakes that make us think and learn”.

The Weird Show

Untitled I
30x30 cms. Collage on cardboard  
(2012) Lima

Untitled II
30x30 cms. Collage on cardboard  
(2012) San José de Costa Rica

Since 2012 I had the chance to participate and exhibit with TWS in galleries and museums in Europe (Barcelona, Berlin, Trondheim, Valladolid) and America (New York City, Lima, Quito, San José de Costa Rica), as well as printed work in The Weird Press No.2 and No.4.

Art Sqvad I
Cezanne / Tiziano / Rembrandt / Courbert
21x30 cms. Collage on cardboard  
(2014) New York City

Art Sqvad II
El Greco / Van Dyck / Rousseau / Van Gogh
21x30 cms. Collage on cardboard 
(2014) New York City

Walzer Úber Ungdom Opus 59 83 No.3
42x30 cms. Collage on cardboard
(2016) Trondheim

This particular artwork is a combination of three original score compositions by Beethoven, Henning Christiansen and Christian Sinding. Using the original prints I compose the cover, title and a weird (impossible?) musical score. Implied in the artwork was the challenge for local musicians to confront the piece and perform live at the exhibition space. An small synth, four hands, maybe conversion software... just curious about how a collage may sound.


IWCS Trondheim
Curated by Ashkan Honarvar, Sylvia Stølan & Max-o-matic. Aug 18th 2016 – Sep 18th 2016 Trondhjems Kunstforening, Norway

ICWS Valladolid
Curated by Cless & Max-o-matic
Apr 21st – Jun 21, 2016
La Atómica Valladolid, Spain

IWCS Barcelona
Curated by Max-o-matic & Rubén B
Feb 25th – Mar 12th, 2016
Espronceda Centre for the Arts, Barcelona

IWCS Brooklyn, NY, USA
Curated by Max-o-matic, Rubén B and Charles Wilkin. Apri 19th – May 10th, 2014
Invisible Dog Art Center, Brooklyn NYC

IWCS Berlin
Curated by Max-o-matic and Rubén B
Jun 28th to Jul 7th 2013
Tête gallery Berlin, Germany

IWCS Quito
Curated by Rubén B & Max-o-matic
Febr 13th to Mar 8th, 2013. Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Quito, Ecuador

IWCS San José
Curated by Max-o-matic, Rubén B and Alan Ganev. Mar 13th to Aprl 13th, 2013 Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemp. SJ, Costa Rica

Curated by Max-o-matic, Rubén B and Goster- Oct 26th to Nov 10th, 2012.
Domingo Gallery Lima, Perú

Art Sqvad IV Degas
21x30 cms. Collage on cardboard  
(2014) New York City