Credits design and graphics for my first own documentary, a film wandering around the idea of the North, its limits and the construction of landscape through measurement.

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Graphic Design

“ Most things need to be imagined before being discovered ”...

Ramón Mayrata

A useless opera in three acts

Following the conceptual guidelines of the film, I displayed the credits along strict coordinates. In the center,  justified along the sides and surrounding the main icons.

Graphically displayed as an opera curtain for promo communication, the color also relates to some passages of the film and brings a powerful contrast with the white Arctic landscapes. Final illustrations based and taken from an old Russian language textbook.

Initial quote

Initial Credits

Ending Credits

All that heavy gear
all that harm
all those heavy drones
and selfie deaths
all those heavy egos of ours 
here are useless ...

like Useless Opera Singers