A collection of small photobooks published under a very special format. 

Art Direction
Graphic Design

Santago de Arriba, Chentado (Lugo)

(2013) Luis Diaz Diaz 

Souvenirs from 
the Quotidian

Together wIth my friend Oscar -who was already running Ediciones Pure-, we created this small collection of photobooks conceptually and formally around the quotidian seen as souvenir.

The accordion foldable format used for the publications is commonly seen in crowded tourist sites around the country, mostly showing stereotyped portraits of locations, traditions and nature.

Pan-o-rama is the souvenir of the everyday, a different aproach on how we select, keep and tell memories through the eyes of different artists. From hidden messages to indoor surrealism, beasts in carnival or captured scenes from the vulnerabilty of public security cams.

Entroido (Pan-O-Rama #4)
(2013) Luis Diaz Diaz

“Some things are made to be photographed... others have just happened. Things aren’t always as they appear, but no matter how bad they've been in life, they can always get better”

Extra- Ordinary Life

Ben Ryan

No tanto
(2012) Aida Gomez

Salcedo, A Pobra do Brollón (Lugo)
(2013) Luis Diaz Diaz

“There are lots of pictures to be taken and many ways to do it. I usually shoot them with the camera's sound turned off”

Ver, oir, callar
Eva Rueda Catry

Protect Me From What I Trust
(2012) Garbo Falksson


No. 1 - Ver, oír y callar
Eva Rueda Catry

No. 2 - Extra-ordinary Life
Ben Ryan

No. 3 - Lo tendré en Cuenca
Aïda Gómez

No. 4 - Entroido
Luis Díaz Díaz

No. 5 -
Animalia I
Racos Zenitram

No. 6 - Protect Me From What I Trust
Garbo Falksson

Protect Me From What I Trust
(2012) Garbo Falksson