Communication material for IKEA Creative Hub, an in-house independent agency driving the brand forward, internally and externally.

Web Design
Presentation Deck
Presentation Templates

The Wonderful Everyday

IKEA has shaped a very recognisable identity, evocative of functional and affordable design, yet clearly defined by strict parameters.

IKEA Creative Hub was born as an in-house creative team working on communication concepts and strategies for all types of platforms. As an independent hub, they can play and push the brand a little bit further, developing innovation concepts more freely together with external creative minds.

This gave me the opportunity to stretch the brand within these parameters and to adapt it to the hub’s personality. An exercise of designing with constraints.

and challenge

The hub asked me to create different communication material and tools -web design, presentation decks and templates- for internal and external positioning of the brand.

General guidelines of style where followed from the big branch as mandatory use of fonts, primary colors and functional and effective use of space.

In this project, the beauty of the challenge was to find an appropiate balance where both, mother and child, could recognize themselves together, as well as independent entities; like most families do, I presume.

and execution

In collaboration with the team, we structure the information and boundaries determined within the design logic of the brand.

By highllghting tones of the primary color palette -blue and yellow-, together with a comprehensive use of complementary grayscale, we propose a revitalized approach to the content. 

Open spaces on screen were created to display information in different boxes that could be stacked, filled and arranged; as if a recent IKEA shopping just arrived in a living room ready to be mounted.

Web Design

Based on the needs of the hub, a simple and functional site following IKEA’s core values, where to showcase an audiovisual portfolio and an overview of working staff. Easy to use for external talent and internally, as a management tool for database. A straight forward principle of:

What we do. Who we are. Get in touch.

Presentation Deck

& Templates

Presentation deck include different layout options for covers, headlines, texts, organizational timelines and budgets… Also adapted to each team member software preferences in Keynote, PowerPoint and GoogleDocs.

Designed for every specific need and skill throughout teams, integrating them in a natural way into their routines; not to suffer tools so they will soon abandon.

Just two yellow boxes

Somewhere between a logo and a graphic resource, the name is adapted -IKEA Creative Hub, three lines in Verdana- into a set of two parallel boxes, to strengthen the idea of the hub’s collaborative processes, only completely defined by an equal relationship with its partners.

This pair of boxes then is adpated as an index guidance for presentations, a box space to be filled in by partners, a scalable infography... even as a potentiallly playful construction set.