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Winning proposal to build the brand identity and the entire range of communication elements for Foster & Partners architecture firm. 

Brand Identity
Graphic Design

Practicing worldwide

The name Norman Foster & Partners carries with it a long-standing international reputation and its diverse portfolio spans five decades, an extensive team around the world and an ample array of awards.

In one period of transformation of the studio, a contest was held to develop and apply a new visual identity that could reflect the profound changes they were facing at the time. 

At the beginning of my professional career as an independent studio, I was recruited  to participate in the awarded proposal within the team arranged by OMB Studio, led by Spanish National Design Prize, Oscar Mariné.

During a period of around a month, a close and small team developed the logotype and the entire range of communication elements, editorial products and signage required by an studio of this scale.

We build the whole identity by embracing the primary idea of construction embodied by the logo: depth, breath, solidity. A classic of minimum wear ready to incorporate simple format adaptions. From color appliance to reinforce innovation, engineering and sustainable practice to different levels to its verticality. A composite or modular look akin to storeys of a building. In one, two and three lines, lately determined by the city of pract

“The solid typography has immediate impact, like a stamp of approval. It represents strength: maximum use with minimum wear”