Wild Honey
Epic Handshakes and a Bear Hug 


A beautiful album crafted in a bedroom with patience, pure love towards music and distant echoes of an orchestral joy.

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Art Direction
Graphic Design

Epic Handshakes 

Long time friend Guillermo started Wild Honey in his apartment in Madrid, a few blocks away from where I used to live. For a year or so, this child faced man was building in his bedroom -almost secretly- a giant maquette that smelled like the Brill Building and ended up being an album named Epic Handshakes and a Bear Hug.

No doubt all this homemade precission and care had to be translated to the whole graphic concept. A craftsman process of searching over enciclopedias and old magazines, cut, paste, ink... Collecting printed matter always offer something different than the internet, the physicality of it. A more deserved victory, maybe.

For every album design there is always a basic idea that keeps floating around the whole process. This might come from extracted lyrics, a general momentum or a personal life approach... something deeply rooted or an absurd anecdote in a conversation. Orienteering championship in the Alps was the spark for this one.

“It was half a kilo package of five athletes carrying animals running down the great mountain. Something like the photo finish of optimism...”

The album is sold in one only format that includes a heavy cardboard for the artwork, a 180gr. red vinyl and a two panel cd pack version. Printed and manually glued by an old printing house in the neighbourhood. Assembled and delivered by Guillermo himself, in the same bedroom that it was recorded. 

A later three panel cd version was reissued by Lovemonk (Spain) and Flake Records (Japan), adding some new artwork to the original.

Fake Horoscopes


Invented astral charts for a couple songs remixed from the Epic record, printed in a cut out 7” edition.  Melancholic hip-hop goodness from the school of Gummy Soul (Nashville) and dreamy pop from Algodón Egipcio (Venezuela).

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