2019 / __

Bringing the olympic spirit to a conceptual battlefield through grandilocuent chorus, impostor synths and fugacious drums. A mock-up- olympic-anarchistic secret band.

Art Direction


A model or replica of a machine or structure, used for instructional or experimental purposes.


Citius, Altius, Fortius This hendiatris represents a programme of moral beauty. The aesthetics of sport are intangible.


The state of (a society) being without authorities or an authoritative governing body.

Secrecy is the practice of hiding information from certain individuals or groups who do not have the "need to know", perhaps while sharing it with other individuals. That which is kept hidden is known as the secret.

Secrecy is often controversial, depending on the content or nature of the secret, the group or people keeping the secret, and the motivation for secrecy. Secrecy by government entities is often decried as excessive or in promotion of poor operation [by whom?]; excessive revelation of information on individuals can conflict with virtues of privacy and confidentiality. It is often contrasted with social transparency.

Promotional Poster

Made out of partial logos from :
Mexico’68, Helsinki’52 & Nagano’98